Frequently Asked Questions

Q:: How did the Chi-Town Kids start?
A:: Boredom. Also the stuff on the radio sucked so we made our own songs.

Q:: How do you create your songs?
A:: We take everything we've learned in life and apply it to that moment. Then a song gets made.

Q:: What is a Yebe?
A:: It's derived from the word "baby". It's a whiney annoying person, but not always an infant.

Q:: Do you really own a pair of Sutherland sweatpants?
A:: Yes and they're very tight.

Q:: Who is Rich East?
A:: A fake basketball coach who walks up and down Western Ave. asking for dollars and rides to 95th Street.

Q:: What does "Heckie Snap" mean?
A:: It's a combination of "Heckie Naw" and "Aw Snap".
It's used when something outrageous happens.

Q:: Is Joan a real person who looks like Miss America?
A:: No, Miss America is a real person that looks like Joan.

Q:: Who and what is an Oolius?
A:: Oolious is a person that acts like a foolius. The most well known Oolius is Julius.

Q:: Where did the name "Table Cat Records" come from for your record label?
A:: Swing Masters cat named "ChCh" that layed on the table all day just chillin. Hence Table Cat.

Q:: Who is James Cobbins?
A:: James Cobbins is the legend who caught a 64lb. carp from Marquette Park lagoon on Chicago's southside. Not only is he a gentlemen, but he is also a scholar